I am sure my angels were singing the day I *finally* reached out to Dina for coaching! Wow! Is my life ever changing! Dina has been coaching me for over a year now, and she has brought me so very far…walking right beside me on my path, with so much wisdom and with so much love. These are some of the changes I can see in me:

  1. Dina has taught me about meditating. It was completely foreign to me when we started, and now, I can say it has become a part of my everyday life… part of so many moments of my life. Her 3 x 3 meditations are with me everywhere I go, and she has encouraged me to find my own way with meditating, with a focus on staying Plugged In. Amazing!
  2. I am learning that my path looks completely different from others’, and as Dina has helped me overcome my fears of getting life “wrong,” I am seeing myself get more and more in touch with my creative side. A freedom to be me has begun. When I struggle, Dina welcomes me to bring my truth to the table and then, when I have laid it all out, her classic line is: “I can totally help you with that!” I love it!
  3. I am learning to be guided by my Intuition and how to wait until I feel that Strong Positive Pull… to let go of the How’s and the When’s. I just need to trust, and to focus on the things that I can be grateful for on this day and to hold curiousity for what is to come.

I am so grateful to have Dina in my life. What a gift! To have a coach right by my side, teaching me, encouraging me, helping me to See, to connect to Source, to find the answers within myself.

- Cathy McPherson
Toronto, Ontario

My Breakthrough With Meditating

I have always enjoyed group meditations.  I have also enjoyed leading guided meditations to groups.  However, I have struggled with sitting down to meditate on my own.  I just feel too restless and prefer being busy and getting things done instead.  So while I’ve known for years about the benefits and the power of meditation, I have resisted doing it.  Until recently.

A couple months ago I was invited to attend a “Meditation on the Hill” on a Sunday morning.  I was excited to go since I love group meditation for two reasons:  1) it motivates me to meditate, and 2) there’s a group dynamic that can make meditation feel richer or deeper.    I arrived and met several warm, grounded people.  We walked outside and up a hill to meditate.

What I didn’t know is that there was going to be a guest speaker named Dina Proctor.  Dina wrote a best-selling book called “Madly Chasing Peace – How I Went From Hell To Happy In 9 Minutes A Day”.  Dina began to speak about her life and how meditation helped her overcome major depression, alcohol abuse, being addicted to sugar and being suicidal.

Dina came up with a meditation approach that created positive shifts in her life.  Her magic formula?  Meditating for three minutes, three times a day.  Dina said, “It’s so simple, people miss it.”   She’s right.  Since meeting her, I have been meditating three minutes, three times a day.  So simple, but brilliant! What I discovered is that I have zero resistance to meditating for only three minutes!  I may hit my timer 2 or 3 times to do more than three minutes, but as long as it’s set for three minutes, I’m so there.

You don’t need 15, 20, 30 or 45 minutes to meditate.  You only need THREE.  This has created a huge breakthrough for me in my meditation practice and I’m so excited about it.   With Dina’s permission, I share this phrase as a wonderful tool to get you started with your three minute meditations:  I anchor into my inner source of power, peace and wisdom.

It’s a short statement, but very grounding and empowering.  In my experience, it takes me to that deeper place within myself.

I tried many other forms of meditation throughout my life, but Dina’s concept of ‘3 x 3’ meditation created a paradigm shift for me.  Within a few short weeks, I began to notice several subtle changes beginning to take place.  I felt more grounded.  I felt more peaceful.  I felt more secure.  I felt more trusting of the universe/God/Spirit/Source.  I began to let go of worrying so much.  And life got even better.

Mindfulness-based meditation practices have shown beneficial effects on inflammatory disorders and are even endorsed by the American Heart Association as a means of preventative intervention.

Meditation rewires your brain in amazing ways that can positively alter every aspect of your life, from the way you feel about yourself to releasing addiction, depression and reducing pain and inflammation.  If you resist meditation like I did for so long, I invite you to give 3 x 3 meditation a try!

- Angie Lambert
Martinez, CA