3×3 Meditation 101 Video Course


I designed this course to help people who have read my book take their 3×3 Meditation practice (or any meditation practice) to the next level – to help you experience real, measurable change in your thought patterns, behavior, and inner peace & happiness.

This course includes everything I know – and everything you need to know – to go from being a casual meditator into someone who uses meditation to achieve practical results and breakthroughs in all areas of your life.

My book and personal transformation story is a great starting place for beginners in meditation. As you may already know I thought that meditation was a ridiculous suggestion when it was first taught to me! But it ended up changing everything about my life. I’m including a signed copy of the book as part of this program because it’s a great start to this Meditation 101 course.

In this course I’ll share with you examples from my own life (and those of my clients) in detail so you can see how 3-minute focus breaks can be the catalyst for transformation. I’ll break down the process step-by-step so you can take your goals 7 days at a time. And I’ll share lots of insights – or Key Concepts – that can help your mindset to stay open and on track.

The Course consists of 14 videos, each 15 minutes (or less) in duration, so you can easily make note of those concepts and videos you want to refer back to without having to scan through hours of material. I will also include 9 of my 3-minute guided audios to support your meditation practice along the way.

For an investment of $199 you will receive:

  • 14 Key Concept Videos: these videos give unique insights and practical details for you to go from being a Casual Meditator to a Breakthrough Meditator
  • 9 of my 3×3 Meditation guided audio downloads


If you are ready to take your meditation practice (and your life!) to a whole new level, click the button below for instant access to this course: