Individual Coaching

3×3 Meditation Individual Coaching

3×3 Meditation is more than just a 9-minute-a-day meditation method, it's a way of life. Instead of looking at meditation as something to check off the To-Do list, the peaceful state found in meditation can become a perspective to live from.

I tailor my unique 3×3 Meditation process (3 minutes, 3 times a day) to each client’s individual needs. I’ve helped clients all over the world with health, wellness and weight loss, transforming their relationships, increasing their financial abundance, managing time and overwhelm, and many things in between. All coaching sessions are by telephone or Skype audio.

Here are Individual Coaching Plans and pricing:

  • Virtual Coffee:Just have a question or want to chat for 30 minutes or less? Schedule a private one-on-one session for $150.
  • Hourly:One-hour coaching call. Schedule as often as you’d like! $300/hour.
  • Discount:12 hours of coaching within 12 consecutive weeks $3,000 ($3,600 value).
  • VIP:Exclusive Plan of unlimited number of coaching calls over 4 weeks. Calls may be scheduled or unscheduled. $3,000.

Please Note: I no longer offer free introductory sessions, but after your initial Virtual Coffee session if you then purchase further coaching within 4 weeks, the fee from your first session would be applied to the future coaching so that the first session would end up being free for you.


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