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Individual and Business Coaching ... and Introducing 3x3 Coaching Certification

3x3 Meditation for Individuals and the 3x3 Focus System for Businesses are simple, powerful methods of improving mindset, increasing focus and productivity, lowering stress and enhancing relationships on personal and professional levels.

These 3-minute focus breaks are minimally disruptive and provide an opportunity to re-group, re-focus and release stress. Cultivating an improved mindset for better results in health, finances and relationships is the first step toward success, and both 3×3 Meditation and the 3×3 Focus System are designed to do just that.
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I’m also introducing my newest program – 3×3 Coaching CertificationFor those who are interested in not only their own breakthroughs using 3×3 Meditation and the 3×3 Focus System, you now have an opportunity to become a certified 3×3 coach. Learn more

My coaching credentials include:

  •  Certified Professional Success Coach (CPSC)
  •  Membership in the International Association of Coaching (IAC)
  •  Level II certification in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

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