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The 3×3 Focus System is a simple, powerful way to bring the benefits of 3-minute focus breaks into the workplace. Twice per day, participating employees take these 3-minute breaks in a designated quiet office area. Employees have the option of listening to guided audios such as "Managing Overwhelm," "Focused and Productive" and "Sales to Service." Increased focus leads to increased productivity, which in turn impacts the bottom line.

This workplace integration plan incorporates and embeds the 3×3 Focus System into a company’s culture. Employees and owners are prepared to experience change at a foundational level. My focus is to facilitate results that have an impact which stretches way beyond just the bottom line of an organization when the 3×3 Focus System is implemented as a cohesive company unit. Business contracts vary from one month to one year and pricing is determined by length of contract and size of the department/company.

Included in the 3×3 Focus System workplace integration is the following:

Baseline assessment with employees in the following areas:

  • Productivity level
  • Ability to focus until job is done
  • Job satisfaction
  • Stress level
  • Overall work/life balance

Working with the company/department on a weekly or monthly basis (depending on client need) to evaluate and troubleshoot implementation of the 3×3 Focus System, I’ll identify current breakthroughs, help the company set goals for future breakthroughs and give specific focus goals moving forward within 3×3 Focus System practices.

At the conclusion of the contract, I will conduct a wrap-up session with all employees, conduct a follow-up baseline assessment to measure progress and results and evaluate if there is an ongoing need for individual, department or company-wide support. I will also develop best practice models tailored to your company and facilitate integration of the 3×3 Focus Systems into everyday company culture moving forward.

After six months, I’ll schedule a follow up conversation to monitor the success of the 3×3 Focus Systems integration into the company culture. Talking with key decision makers on how this model is working for the company – and what changes they have noticed in the key areas originally measured – will support the company’s growth and success on an ongoing basis.

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