who is
dina proctor?

Toward the end of 2008 I hit an emotional rock bottom, struggling with alcohol addiction, food issues and suicidal depression.

I felt like I’d tried everything possible to fix myself and nothing worked. Today, though, I’ve found a consistent happiness (little known to most people!) and I’ve turned it into a simple, practical method for others to change their own lives.

Quite unintentionally I created what I call “3×3 Meditation” (3 minutes, 3 times a day), which has been the catalyst for my own (and now my clients’) transformation.

From weight loss and banishing addictive cravings to increasing productivity and abundance and even reconstructing relationships, this easy and yet incredibly effective method has caught the attention and support of Jack Canfield and Bruce Lipton, PhD, among others, and the media.

I’ve turned my journey into a mission – I’m a mind-body connection coach, business productivity coach, inspirational speaker and best-selling author of Madly Chasing Peace: How I Went From Hell to Happy in Nine Minutes a Day. My passion is showing people how practical and possible it is to transform your life, body and business in 9 minutes a day.

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You just don't meet people like Dina every day. Her message and her book Madly Chasing Peace are raw, compelling, and deeply inspiring. Dina's 9-minute-a-day meditation method is brilliant in its simplicity, and I think it will reach far and wide, helping others to find their own way on the quest for happiness.

- Jack Canfield
Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles