• 3×3

    is a simple, powerful method I developed
    (quite by accident!) that transformed my life and now is helping thousands of others do the same, in just 9 minutes a day.

    creating transformation in 9 minutes a day

  • 3×3
    Focus System

    3x3 Focus System Coaching for groups and businesses is a powerful, unique approach to increasing productivity and achieving goals.

    creating transformation in 9 minutes a day

  • 3×3

    Become a 3x3 Certified Coach! All coaching certification training is done one-on-one, working personally with me via phone/Skype.

    creating transformation in 9 minutes a day

Individual and Business Coaching ... and introducing 3x3 Coaching Certification

3x3 Meditation for Individuals and the 3x3 Focus System for Businesses are simple, powerful methods of improving mindset, increasing focus and productivity, lowering stress and enhancing relationships on personal and professional levels.
  • individual

    3x3 Meditation is more than just a
    9-minute-a-day meditation method, it's a way of life.
  • business

    The 3x3 Focus System is a simple, powerful way to bring the benefits of 3-minute focus breaks into the workplace.
  • coaching

    Become a 3x3 Certified Coach and advise individuals & businesses in achieving results.

Who is Dina Proctor?

I am a life and business coach, inspirational speaker and best-selling author of Madly Chasing Peace: How I Went From Hell to Happy in Nine Minutes a Day. After hitting emotional rock-bottom, I -quite unintentionally!- created a process called 3×3 Meditation (3 minutes, 3 times a day) that enabled me to transform every aspect of my life.

From weight loss and banishing addictive cravings to reconstructing relationships, this simple and yet incredibly effective method is now helping thousands of people around the world transform their bodies, their businesses and lives!

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You just don't meet people like Dina every day. Her message and her book Madly Chasing Peace are raw, compelling, and deeply inspiring. Dina's 9-minute-a-day meditation method is brilliant in its simplicity, and I think it will reach far and wide, helping others to find their own way on the quest for happiness.

- Jack Canfield
Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles